you cannot replace the present with the past | embrace the grey

Incomplete. Unfulfilled. Something is missing.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve experienced the above in my life so far. A sense that nothing is coming together as it should. It often seems to occur in the middle of something rather than at the start or end of a project or phase. You’re stuck in a grey hue of dissatisfaction, with seemingly no end in sight.

It is so easy at this point to look back on your life so far and pinpoint things that made you happy. Things that brought a sense of fulfillment and energy into your being. You may then attempt to re-introduce whatever it was that once completed you back into the present day, hoping that you will feel as alive as you know you are capable of feeling.

This is where we encounter an issue; what once completed you cannot possibly complete you again, as you are already complete in this regard. The action has served its purpose. To try and re-instate it will only bring you back to what is familiar, thus inhibiting growth of any kind.

This in and of itself may seem depressing, but it really isn’t. The fact that you feel a sense of distance from what once made you happy simply means that you are already growing, whether you realise it or not. Eventually you will grow into a new phase, one where you will feel as though you are living again. Embrace the grey hue, be aware of it, and take steps to flourish. It can seem like an impossible task when you are so deeply unsure of what life has in store for you, but you will ultimately look back on the grey parts of your life wishing you had moved forwards rather than backwards into familiar.


I realise this post was a bit haphazard, but I’m still readjusting after my week away! I hope you’re all as healthy and happy as can be. I’ll have a longer post up later in the week.

Love and luck,

Clodagh X

Author: The Electric Oracle

Hello! My name is Clodagh, and I run 'The Electric Oracle'. You can read a little more about me on - you guessed it - the 'about' section of my page.

37 thoughts on “you cannot replace the present with the past | embrace the grey”

  1. Hey There!! You wanna know what makes me laugh? Is how I’m reading this and feeling exactly the same way you do. That gray matter that exists between the moments of happiness or successes. I know I don’t truly remember the in-between moments, but know they existed, because it got me to the point I am at right now. Does that make any sense?
    I just started writing about self-discovery, and I can honestly say… How you feel is how I feel most of my days.
    I’m looking forwards to following where you go from this point.

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  2. By the way… I took your advice, started reading more blogs and found it exciting. I have found so many people that are on the same plain and I’m thrilled too, because I started following their journey, and now I’m getting followers as well. So thank you very much for your advice.

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  3. I really like that idea of embracing the grey hues, and the fact that you can’t complete yourself with something that did it before because it has ‘served its purpose’ struck a major chord. Very thought provoking.

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  4. I look back for the guide posts to see if my course needs correction, otherwise, its eyes forward to the next adventure.
    Had one bad time years back where I tried to climb back in the caves of history, and almost destroyed me. Never again, and when I start feeling like regressing, I recall that moment in time and re-energize my current efforts, even if thwy seem fruitless currently.
    Great writing,, keep it up.

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  5. Oh my gosh. I was just in this phase but I think I may be slowly coming out of it now. SO So hard to be in this grey phase in your life. Thank you!

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  6. I love this post! It is so true. I find it hard to find what makes me happy now though, which is why I so often try to go back

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  7. Staying in that gray time seems so strange, surreal. I am in the middle of making a major life change and there are so many things that I have just finished. When I am feeling like this, I usually walk a labyrinth. It helps keep me centered and open to new fresh possibilities.

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  8. This has completely described how I’m feeling oh my goodness! I would have thought going to University would have tied things together but I feel as if I’m driving away from my goals, but yes we have to push forward! Loved this x

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  9. You really pinpointed what I have been trying to put my finger on. This “grey area” can be very hard for me. I feel the constant need to fix it or a way to name it to make it more comfortable. It’s unsettling for me to just live in.
    Thinking of it as a transition to new growth helps. ❤
    I do feel like there is comfort in bringing out the old methods for what once made you happy. But you’re right in how they never really fit like it used to & because it’s different now, it almost taints the past memory. Like perhaps it wasn’t as good as you remembered.
    Here’s my example that after reading this just clicked for me. I moved into my childhood home with my husband. It went from looking like where I grew up to getting decorated & felt nothing like what I knew. The first 6 months of living there were deeply unsettling for me, it felt like there were ghosts everywhere. I’d walk into my new office that once was the room I grew up in & I’d see the memory of my sister & I playing dolls when I was 5.
    Slowly over time I let those memories fade & just focused on the new ones. But there’s still those days & your post really helped me put two & two together why you can’t relive the past.

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