five hundred of you | something different

I’ve gone through about 14 clichés trying to come up with an introduction to this post. THANK YOU FOR 500! As always, I never ever expected to gain any kind of following when I started The Electric Oracle, so to see it grow like this is wonderful.

To celebrate this milestone (of sorts), I’ve put together something a little bit different…

I thought it would be nice to ~expand my horizons~, so there you have it! I won’t necessarily be making videos on a regular basis, but I enjoyed putting this one together + I hope you enjoy watching it just as much. I mean, it’s shoddily edited and very very cringeworthy, but hey. Life is too short to care, “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” etc etc etc. If you make it to the end of the video, I applaud you.

Love, luck & gratitude,

Clodagh X

Author: The Electric Oracle

Hello! My name is Clodagh, and I run 'The Electric Oracle'. You can read a little more about me on - you guessed it - the 'about' section of my page.

13 thoughts on “five hundred of you | something different”

  1. You hate winter but detest traveling so you can’t escape it to the southern hemisphere… pity 🙂 Congrats on putting the words in Lady Gaga’s mouth. That’s one to tell the grandkids.

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  2. Ah so weird, I’m starting university this year and like you I chose languages over psychology due to the fact I’m not great at maths, what languages do you do? Xx

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    1. Ahh no way! I haven’t even met that many people irl who’ve done that haha, I do French and Irish but as I’m just continuing with French in final year, what about you? Thank you for reading / watching 🌼 X


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