screen time & social media | love + hate

To be very honest, social media is one of the loves of my life. It has brought me to incredible places, both literally and metaphorically. I have met numerous wonderful people all because of networks like Twitter. Hell, I’ve even had a chance to connect to some of the most important people in my life (*cough* Lady Gaga *cough*) purely because of social media.

Websites such as Facebook and Instagram are often cited as sources of cyberbullying, anxiety, and other nefarious goings-on. All of this is true, but the positive elements of these networks are often overlooked. The word network in and of itself says it all; we have the most incredible facility at our fingertips to keep in touch with the world and expand our horizons.

In spite of all of this, I do find myself questioning the amount of time I spend scrolling aimlessly through the web; it’s a wonder I have don’t have square eyes by now! In light of this, I’ve decided to download the ‘Moment’ app. Its main purpose is to monitor your screen time and put you to shame about how much you use your phone. At least that’s how it feels…

In all seriousness, it will be very interesting see whether my experience with the app contributes to my overall wellbeing. I’ve chosen to document my experience in vlog format for my YouTube channel, which you can find here. All going well, the vlog will be up next Friday.

Do you over-use social media? Could you live without it? Let me know in the comments and we can all console each other!

Love and luck,

Clodagh X

Author: The Electric Oracle

Hello! My name is Clodagh, and I run 'The Electric Oracle'. You can read a little more about me on - you guessed it - the 'about' section of my page.

13 thoughts on “screen time & social media | love + hate”

  1. Omg YES to Lady Gaga !
    I honestly find myself realising it’s night time and all I’ve done is scroll through my phone and nothing else , I might give that app a go I do need to be shamed a little bit

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  2. I was raised up in the time before cell phones and all the social media. And I think it’s both good and bad. But I miss the time when we had to call home to ppl or walk over and ring the doorbell. We are social but asocial at the same time now. You try to talk to someone and they chat on their phone at the same time. Can be really frustrating .

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  3. I was very addicted to social media especially instagram and Facebook. But it used to take up most of my time so I ended deactivating my accounts on instagram and Facebook. I use WordPress and Twitter often and pinterest aswell. But I have limits now.

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  4. I often waste time mindlessly scrolling but am working on using social media more intentionally – to network, like you said, to learn and use it to benefit myself in one way or another

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  5. I’m a slow adapter of all kinds of social media. Joined FB in September last year, joined Instagram in July this year, wordpress the end of March this year, not on Twitter yet. I see the benefits and certainly downsides of being on social media. Balance is the thing I think. Great post!

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  6. Very interesting .. i didnt know there was such a app, i need to upload it as well. i need to control my time spent on social media vs real time but i cant help it 🙂 you inspired me into writing about the positive effects of social media. We are so engrossed in the negative that we overlook the good points. 🙂

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